Staffing Solutions

Staffing Solutions

Connecting Skilled Workforce to Top Employers

It’s said employees are your best asset, and we couldn’t agree more. Behind the success of every organization, there is a talented and highly-skilled workforce. At Primus, we firmly believe that the journey towards success begins with the right people in the right roles. Through our unwavering dedication to uniting highly skilled professionals with leading employers, we aren't simply shaping careers; we are orchestrating victories and cultivating excellence in the evolving landscape of the modern professional world.

In a world where one size never fits all, Primus embraces the uniqueness of each industry. Our staffing solutions are meticulously tailored to cater to the distinctive needs of various sectors. Whether you're in the fast-paced technology realm or the people-centric world of healthcare, Primus ensures your workforce aligns seamlessly with the DNA of your industry.

Elevate success through our tailored Staffing Solutions & industry-aligned excellence

Offshore Staffing

Offshore Staffing

Establish Operations Globally

Increase your business footprint by going global. Start operations in different parts of the world by benefitting from our offshore staffing services. We can help you find the best and most skilled staff according to your job requirements and business goals. From full-time to part-time and contract-to-hire, we can help you find talented and background-checked staff members who add value to your business from day one.

Our offshore staffing solutions can help you:

  • Lower offshore costs without loss of control/oversight
  • Tailored, qualified resources as per needs
  • Increased flexibility in executing diverse work
  • Access to a large pool of high-quality resources
Contract Staffing

Contract Staffing

Navigate Periods of Business Transition Smoothly

Bring a contract/temp worker on board when you need an extra pair of hands during peak seasons, fulfill a high influx of orders, or fill the position of a permanent staff member on paternity or maternity leave. We can find the best talent according to your job/ project requirements, keeping your business running smoothly.

Our on-demand contract staffing services help you:

  • Manage peak volume needs
  • Minimize risk and overhead recruitment costs
  • Access skilled staff without a long-term commitment
Recruitment Services

Recruitment Services

We Add Value To Your Business

At Primus, we aim to find the best and most experienced individuals that match your job descriptions and share the same values as your business. We do the legwork for you, including qualification, skill assessment, background check, and screening. Rest assured, we’ll find you the perfect fit.

Our recruitment services offer businesses the following advantages:

  • Fast hiring to meet business needs
  • Specialist recruitment team
  • Simplified workforce management system
  • Extended reach beyond traditional hiring channels
Exclusive Project Staffing

Exclusive Project Staffing

Fill Project Specific Roles Perfectly

If you’re working on a crucial business project that requires individuals with specific capabilities and skills, benefit from our exclusive project staffing services. We have the most diverse pool of talented people with the best skill sets who can easily fill various roles perfectly. No matter your project scope or requirements, you can count on us to find the best people for successful project execution.

Some of the benefits of our exclusive project staffing services are:

  • Easier Project Management
  • Standard On-boarding for Entire Team
  • Complete Resource Management
  • Smooth Coordination from On-boarding to Project Allocation
Co-Managed Engagement

Co-Managed Engagement

Compete with an Edge

Don’t let your budget, time constraints, and limited resources prevent your business from reaching new heights of success. Partner with us for co-management engagement services where our dedicated team collaborates with your internal team for project success. This partnership results in instant access to expertise, technologies, resources, and knowledge needed for efficient project execution.

With our co-managed engagement services, businesses can have the following benefits:

  • 20% to 30% Project Cost Reduction
  • Sustainable Savings Over Time
  • Adherence to the Highest Industry Standards
  • Comprehensive Project Monitoring

Are you ready to elevate your workforce with skilled talents?

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