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Welcome to Primus, where innovation meets expertise. With a rich history of consulting, designing, and developing cutting-edge software applications, we stand as a trusted partner across an array of industries. Our proficiency extends to Healthcare, Manufacturing, Insurance, Real Estate, Telecom, Logistics, Food Services, and more.

What Sets Us Apart?

Versatility in Industry Solutions:

Our team doesn't just understand software; we comprehend the unique needs of diverse sectors. From building core platforms and analytics in healthcare to supporting manufacturing businesses with analytics, online e-commerce sites, securing data in Insurance, enhancing operations and transactions in Real Estate, helping integrate applications in Logistics, and improving sales and orders in Food Services, we tailor solutions that fit the industry's demands.

Consulting Expertise:

We don’t just build software; we understand your challenges. Our consultancy services delve deep into industry-specific issues, ensuring that the solutions we develop align perfectly with your objectives and requirements.

Design Thinking at the Core:

User-centric design is the heart of our approach. We collaborate with your IT and user community to design customized solutions and intuitive user experiences.

Custom Development:

One size doesn’t fit all. Our expertise lies in developing bespoke software solutions that are tailored to each industry's nuances, ensuring efficiency, scalability, and future adaptability.

Software Development Practices:

Security is woven into the very fabric of our development process. We don’t just build software; we fortify it against potential threats, ensuring a foundation of trust, reliability, and unmatched security of your application.

Why Choose Us?

Proven Track Record:
Our portfolio transforms
businesses across industries.


Expert Team:
Our expert team comprises
experienced industry professionals.


Continuous Support:
Continuous support for optimized solutions, meeting industry needs.

Corporate commitment to drive measured success.

At Primus, we don't just develop software; we engineer solutions that drive success. Partner with us to unlock the power of technology tailored to your industry.

Partners & Accreditations

The Primus partner ecosystem is well established and growing, helping us provide
business solutions that solve clients' business and technology problems.

Microsoft Partner Network

 Microsoft Partner Network

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Snowflake Services Partner

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 Amazon Web Services

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