Revolutionizing Healthcare Through Innovative Solutions

At Primus, we have designed specialized solutions for our Healthcare industry clients, driving innovation through a spectrum of transformative solutions. Our extensive expertise in this domain spans a range of mission-critical applications:

Advanced Analytics:

We harness the power of data through cutting-edge analytics, empowering healthcare industry stakeholders to make informed, strategic decisions for improved patient care and operational efficiency. One of our key engagements was to develop Quality of Care metrics for a large hospital association by integrating with multiple data sources and survey results.

Product Re-engineering for Hospital Pharmacy Systems:

Our team spearheaded a comprehensive overhaul of a large-scale hospital pharmacy system, enhancing its functionality, efficiency, and user experience to elevate patient care and streamline operations.

Clinical Supply Chain Optimization:

We intricately tailored and refined a clinical supply chain system to ensure precise pricing accuracy. This optimization was achieved by seamlessly integrating with SAP and a clinical product suite, establishing a robust platform for improved revenue capture, accurate billing, Medicaid and 340B compliance.

At Primus, our teams’ collective experience in building applications for the healthcare industry, including efficient data management, data warehousing, business intelligence and analytics, re-engineering product platforms, and mobile applications can be leveraged for our industry clients. We have expertise in managing confidential data through secure applications that meet industry requirements.

At Primus, we're dedicated to reimagining Healthcare technology. Our commitment to innovation, paired with a deep understanding of the healthcare landscape, enables us to create solutions that elevate patient care, optimize operations, and drive efficiency in the healthcare ecosystem.

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