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For over 15 years, Primus has been an active player in the logistics industry, consistently delivering unparalleled expertise reliably and consistently. Our commitment to excellence is evident through our multifaceted involvements:

Technology Project Engagements:

We've been the catalyst behind numerous successful technology project engagements for our clients. By providing expert guidance, resources, and adept project management, we've consistently ensured the seamless execution of initiatives.

Critical Role in Integrating Third-Party Warehouse Management Platform:

In a pivotal engagement, our involvement was crucial when our client acquired a third-party warehouse management platform. The integration of EDI and other crucial features with their internal systems demanded specialized expertise. Our team of dedicated Subject Matter Experts, sourced exclusively for this task, played a pivotal role in ensuring the project's resounding success.

Our expertise in building applications that leverage machine learning and the newest data modernization practices will enable our clients to transform their business in customer self-service, route planning, or warehouse management. At Primus, we collaborate with your team to develop result-driven digital solutions that leverage advanced technologies.

At Primus, our deep-rooted experience and unwavering dedication to the logistics industry have consistently positioned us as a linchpin in technological advancements. We thrive on the challenges that drive logistics innovation, leveraging our expertise to pioneer solutions that exceed expectations.

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