Social Media Management

Creating seamless customer experience through social media.

Most organizations strive to provide superior Consumer Experience, and the complexity of providing a consistent and differentiated experience is increasing everyday. The digital medium and social networks have opened up new possibilities of communication between consumers and brands. The best thing is that in a way, organizations get closer than ever before to their customers while remaining a transparent force.

Our Social Media solution can help organizations seamlessly deploy their social strategy, so that they get right into the conversations about their brand and make an impact on customer experience. We deliver an integrated offering of Technology, Analytics, Execution and Domain Capabilities based on the following tenets:

  • Comprehensively listening to conversations on digital media and social networks, answering questions at granular levels.
  • Engaging with consumers to resolve service issues, answer enquiries, tap sales opportunities and build relationships.
  • Enhancing customer relationships by gathering insights and knowing their needs; building the influencer community and making them brand advocates.
  • Strategically implementing social media analytics and intelligence to the overall brand strategy thereby enhancing customer experience.

Our Offerings

  • TECHNOLOGY: Our platform tracks and monitors conversation threads from a large number of streams across various channels such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn Groups, Google+, Discussion Boards, YouTube, News, Forums, Blogs, Review Sites, e-Commerce Sites, and other niche sites related to one’s business. The system has content categorization capability and a self-learning sentiment engine that can prioritize and send interactions to the right skilled team for response and resolution with inbuilt CRM capability. The system stores the complete intelligence in a custom made data base structure for advanced social analytics.
  • ANALYTICS: Our advanced social media analytics to know the voice of customer, to create 360 degree view of individual profiles, to know influencers and distractors, provide insights to improve online brand reputation, brand perception vis-à-vis competition and to measure campaign effectiveness.
  • EXECUTION: Managing consumer engagement by resources trained especially on social media. We manage responses; ensure resolution to complaints, handle enquiries and tap sales opportunity. Defining best social media practices and standardizing the existing processes to provide similar customer experience across channels.
  • DOMAIN CAPABILITIES: Developing Social Media Strategy based on Social Analytics with recommended road map, proactive and reactive social campaigns including integration with existing offline campaigns into social media.